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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthrough attempted with an Nvidia GTX970

On 2015-02-12 09:19, Peter Kay wrote:
On 12 February 2015 08:40:35 GMT+00:00, Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2015-02-12 04:58, jacek burghardt wrote:
Did you try to assign more memory to win guest ? I would try with 4gb

That is not great advice - there are hardware and BIOS bugs that
can cause problems with more than between 1GB and 3GB of RAM passed
through (e.g. any hardware with NF200 PCIe bridges).
Adding more memory is very unlikely to help, but might work once the
configuration is proven.

Of course - once you have it working reliably, crank it up as much
as you need, but until you have it at least showing output on the
external monitor it's a good idea to start with 1GB.

I'd start with 1GB until it's fine. I get the
impression NF200 bridges are less common these days.

They are (thankfully), but I would not want to bet that similar
bugs don't lurk elsewhere. Start with baby steps until you have
confidence in your hardware. :)

I'd also note that whilst it's generally true that Quadros are not
cheap and that many that are do not have MultiOS enabled. However,
this is not universally true, an FX3800 or FX4800 are not unreasonably
priced if you get them second hand on ebay.

Of course. I find Quadro 2000 is very good value for testing. I bought
one for about Â90 2 years ago, and have been keeping it on the shelf
ever since for testing new hardware with. Last I checked the price
on them has nearly halved on those since I bought it.

I've just ordered an
FX3800 after (unsurprisingly) failing to get a Radeon 6450 passing
through from FreeBSD - I need a single slot card. It wasn't
appreciably cheaper to find a model I could flash a BIOS on to, like I
did with the GTX480 to Quadro 6000 mod.

Yeah, I use modded cards. GTX480 is still pretty awesome value
for virtualized gaming.

You might want to look into a Quadro 2000 next time, it is a
single slot card and they are quite cheap now (same spec as a

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