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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthrough attempted with an Nvidia GTX970


>They are (thankfully), but I would not want to bet that similar
>bugs don't lurk elsewhere. Start with baby steps until you have
>confidence in your hardware. :)
You don't want to know about the BIOS bugs in my (obscure) hardware, or the 
fact the embedded graphics card shares a PCI-e IOMMU group with the southbridge 
PCI-e slot, the only one useful in this case. Of course Xen doesn't tell you 
that, KVM has to be used.

>Of course. I find Quadro 2000 is very good value for testing. I bought
>one for about Â90 2 years ago, and have been keeping it on the shelf
>ever since for testing new hardware with. Last I checked the price
>on them has nearly halved on those since I bought it.

>You might want to look into a Quadro 2000 next time, it is a
>single slot card and they are quite cheap now (same spec as a

Yep, the FX3800 and Quadro 2000 are both about Â50 now. I am *very* limited on 
space in my case, needed a card that was as slim as possible, and the FX3800 
seemed a bit more slim. It also comes with a stereo DIN port and has a higher 
memory bandwidth, so for some applications it may be faster. For others the 
Quadro 2000 should win by a long way. I'm limited to PCI-e 1x in the slot I'm 
putting it in, so not fussed too much by performance.


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