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Re: [Xen-users] status of guest/DomU UEFI + Grub support in Xen 4.6.1?

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016, at 02:49 PM, Wei Liu wrote:
> This is not right. What configure did you run?

Technically, I didn't run it.

I used packages built from the spec that I referenced earlier,


with the additional


added at Line # 730 

> I don't think configure in Xen will even have an option called
> "--disable-xen". :-)

Well, that spec appears to .

Not that I understand all of it yet.

I figured since the devs @ Opensuse are active Xen contributors I'd be better 
off using theirs than starting from scratch.

> >  (d5) [2016-02-23 21:49:56] HVM Loader
> >  (d5) [2016-02-23 21:49:56] Detected Xen v4.6.1_01-412
> >  (d5) [2016-02-23 21:49:56] Xenbus rings @0xfeffc000, event channel 1
> >  (d5) [2016-02-23 21:49:56] Unknown BIOS ovmf, no ROM image found
> And hvmloader is complaining you don't have OVMF.

Right, which iiuc the xen build, with `--with-ovmh` specified, is supposed to 
take care of.

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