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Re: [Xen-users] Xen PVHVM DomU's hdX+xvdX redundancy 'confusing' to guests OS's isntaller. An OS, or Xen, issue?

On 03/01/2016 02:13 PM, Sarah Newman wrote:
My config files do not have hdtype, device_model_version, or bios.

They effectively "do", just at their defaults. There's no harm in the settings.

They have device names of 'hd'. With a CentOS 6 Xen4CentOS 3.18 domU, the kernel
only exposes the xen blockfront device.

Each distro seems to be different atm; 1/2 the battle is figuring out those differences.

From http://xenbits.xen.org/docs/unstable/misc/vbd-interface.txt

Well aware of it.

"For Linux HVM guests using PV-on-HVM drivers, users are recommended to
supply as few hd* devices as possible, and for the rest of the disks,
to use pure xvd* devices starting at xvde.  Modern PV-on-HVM drivers
will map provided hd* devices to the corresponding /dev/xvd* (for
example, hda is presented also as /dev/xvda)."

I think that you will need at least one non paravirtualized disk if you intend 
to use a bootloader.

Not at all.

I launch Arch guests passing only xvdX* without any issue. To be fair, they're now EFI guests, using systemd-boot. No idea what's going on with Grub in this case; I'm working to remove it from the equation.

The problem's not launching the guests -- the problem's the Installers getting 'confused' by what they 'see'. I'm digging around in the installer code ... but I'm fairly sure that to avoid the confusion, the Installer needs to be not just Xen-aware, but Xen-type-of-Guest-aware.

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