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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and OS X.

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 07:27:42 -0400
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On 2016-07-24 07:52, Simon Hobson wrote:
Jason Long <hack3rcon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I want to know if VirtualBox is based on Xenve seen nothing to say it can't

Is it ? I don't know whether it is or not - but "based on" is not the same as "the 
same as"
Virtualbox is primarily based on the x86 emulation in QEMU, with a different hardware acceleration back-end. It provides full system virtulization with the option to use paravirtulized drivers (originally VirtIO based, IIRC it now also offers Hyper-V, VMWare, and a couple of other compatibility modes). The only similarity with Xen is in the device emulation code.

then why Xen Project can't install it?

I've seen nothing that says Xen can't run it. In principle it should be able to 
run it, but bear in mind that OS X has mechanisms built in to make such 
operations difficult. I suggest you search for a howto on building a Hackintosh 
and you'll see the steps needed - because I assume you'll need to use exactly 
the same steps to get OS X running under Xen.
Officially, OS X only supports running in a VM when run under an Apple sanctioned hypervisor on Apple hardware. IIRC, VMWare and Parallels are the only type-1 hypervisors officially sanctioned by Apple. I think I heard a while back of some people successfully running the server version of OS X as a HVM domain on Xen on an Apple server system, but I don't remember where I heard that, or what all was involved in achieving that.

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