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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and OS X.

On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Austin S. Hemmelgarn
<ahferroin7@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> then why Xen Project can't install it?
>> I've seen nothing that says Xen can't run it. In principle it should be
>> able to run it, but bear in mind that OS X has mechanisms built in to make
>> such operations difficult. I suggest you search for a howto on building a
>> Hackintosh and you'll see the steps needed - because I assume you'll need to
>> use exactly the same steps to get OS X running under Xen.
> Officially, OS X only supports running in a VM when run under an Apple
> sanctioned hypervisor on Apple hardware.

More specifically, one of the things that makes Apple's life a lot
easier than Microsoft's is that they only need OS X to run on a small
handful of hardware platforms -- platforms which Apple controls.
Unlike Windows, which needs to run on any PC, or Linux, which runs on
just about everything on the planet, OS X assumes that it's running on
an Apple hardware platform and will simply fail if you try to boot it
on a platform that doesn't look like an Apple system.

None of the virtual hardware platforms presented by Xen look like
Apple hardware.  So to run OS X inside of Xen, you need to either 1)
use Hackintosh to boot an OS X-like kernel on non-Apple hardware, or
2) make it possible for for qemu / Xen to present a virtual hardware
platform that looked sufficiently like Apple hardware that a native OS
X kernel would work.

In either case, you'd be in questionable legal waters with regard to
the license for Apple's software (or at least this used to be the
case), so take care.


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