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Re: [Xen-users] How to boot domU and dom0 from a device tree


Please avoiding top-posting.

On 12/06/2019 12:10, Denis Obrezkov wrote:
Oh, now it works!

I changed the line to: fdt set /chosen/domU1 \vpl011
I didn't notice you were using mknod before. Yes, vpl011 is a property not a 

Also, why do you need \? Is it just a typo?


ср, 12 июн. 2019 г. в 13:07, Denis Obrezkov <denisobrezkov@xxxxxxxxx>:

Also, I don't understand why I have
vpl011 {
instead of:
as it is here https://marc.info/?l=xen-devel&m=155675350818872

ср, 12 июн. 2019 г. в 12:59, Denis Obrezkov <denisobrezkov@xxxxxxxxx>:

AFAICT, you requested U-boot to create the "vpl011" property, so Xen should
created the emulated vpl011.

The code to create the emulated vpl011 is domain_vpl011_init. Can you check
whether it is initialized?

Also, could you print the value for d, d->arch.vpl011.backend_in_domain,
d->arch.vpl011.xen just before you get the error message?

This could teach us a bit more what gone wrong.

How can I accomplish this? Should I print those variables and rebuilt xen or
should I connect a gdb somehow and check it?


Julien Grall

Julien Grall

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