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AW: AW: Colibri imx8qxp: Missing kernel boot module

> Hi Daniel,
Hi Julien,

> >
> > this is the full version of the fdt that threw the error:
> > https://pastebin.com/63TZ9z3k
> > The problematic memory node appears in line 126
> Thanks! The output looks corrupted as some of the lines are not valid DTB:
> fsl,pins = * 0x000000009300184c [0x00000048];
> Although, I am not sure if it is just U-boot dumping the DTB differently.
> Anyway, after removing the "corrupted" line, I managed to get a compile
> DTB. I don't have a Colibri IMX8QXP. However, given this is an early
> error, I have just embed the DTB in Xen binary via CONFIG_DTB_FILE.
> Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce your error. This either suggests the
DTB gets
> corrupted or Xen doesn't access the DTB with the correct memory attribute.
> Do you have the DTB in hand?

Sorry for the corrupted version, I've uploaded the DTB
(fsl-imx8qxp-colibri-eval-v3.dtb) to

I have also uploaded my modified xen source files.
1. arch/arm/bootfdt.c
where I have added the additional printk's seen in the log and
2. arch/arm/setup.c
where I rerun the devicetree parser in line 935 to get the logs, since the
console is not yet initialised when the function is called for the first
time and I
didn't manage to enable earlyprintk.

I think the breaking point is the second memory bank which appears in the
logs (see the output line marked with "!!")  with start=0x8 8000 0000 and
It isn't specified in the DTB, so I am not sure where this comes from.
It has size=0 so 
if ( !size )
        printk("invalid size, bank %d\n",i); 
        return -EINVAL;
In bootfdt.c makes the function stop.

(XEN) arch/arm/bootfdt.c: early_scan_node
(XEN) -> fdt: node `memory@80000000': parsing 
(XEN) -> process_memory_node
(XEN) arch/arm/bootfdt.c: process_memory_node
(XEN) ->found memory:reg
(XEN) ->cell=
(XEN) ->banks=2
(XEN) ->mem->nr_banks=1
(XEN) ->start=0x80200000 size=0x7fe00000
!! (XEN) ->start=0x880000000 size=0
(XEN) invalid size, bank 1
(XEN) END of arch/arm/bootfdt.c: process_memory_node

Btw 8_8000_0000 is the start address of this systems DDR Main memory,
according to the Reference Manual of the i.MX8QXP.

I hope this helps in reproducing the error.


Daniel Wagner

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