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Re: xen domu problems

On 2021-02-14 00:52, Andy Smith wrote:
Hi Bill,

Did you read Manfred's answer? It is correct as far as I can see:
your kernel and initrd probably don't exist in the *host* (dom0).

I am embarrassed to say that I missed it in the trash dump that is
my inbox.  Apologies Manfred and thanks for your quick response.
Manfred's response certainly explained the problem clearly.

You should consider using a bootloader like pvgrub2 or pygrub so
that you can use the boot configuration of the domU.

Note that from 20.04, Ubuntu switched to LZ4-compressed kernels and
unless you have a very recent version of Xen it won't be able to
decompress these for direct kernel boot. From Ubuntu 20.04 you can
use PVH mode and pvhgrub on any version of Xen that supports PVH

Yes, the 20.04 problem is why I started down the road of using FAI
to build the VMs.  I was having problems getting xen tools to build
bootable 20.04 domu.  Likely my own problem, but I am a lot more
familiar with FAI then xen-tools.  Thanks for helping get moving
again.  In spite of the fact that I wear glasses I often find that
4 eyes is not enough for me to see what is in front of my face.



Bill MacAllister <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>



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