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Re: Mirage Hello World (Re: Building mirage-www)

On 11 Sep 2013, at 09:28, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:

> [ why was anil@xxxxxxxxxxxx CCed on this thread? that's an invalid e-mail ]

no idea. the miracles of modern email. didn't think hermes had ever been 
promoted to a JANET domain... :)

> On 11 Sep 2013, at 09:19, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
>> On 10 Sep 2013, at 17:28, Phiho Hoang wrote:
>>> hph@ubunxen:~/mirage-skeleton$ sudo make run-basic
>>> cd basic && mirari run --xen
>>> /bin/sh: 1: mirari: not found
>>> make: *** [run-basic] Error 127
>>> hph@ubunxen:~/mirage-skeleton$
>> i believe this is to do with how sudo cleans the environment, including 
>> PATH, before it executes a shell. try changing the makefile so that it 
>> executes "sudo mirari" rather than having to "sudo make". (there are better 
>> ways to fix this too, i'm sure.)
>> ultimately i guess mirari itself should attempt to acquire necessary privs 
>> to do what it needs to do...
> I'm fixing this slightly differently in my Mirari rewrite -- the generated 
> binary now links to a UNIX library that implements the logic for it to 
> self-fork and acquire its privileges.  This should reduce the coupling on 
> Mirari for anything beyond build, and leave deployment other scripts.

don't follow - this means "mirari run" will no longer exist, will no longer 
exist for xen, or that the mirari output will effectively encapsulate whatever 
"mirari run" would've done? (or something else?)

> Mirari 2: Coming To A Repository Near You Soon (™)




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