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Re: [MirageOS-devel] OPW intern checking in!

Hi again! It was nice to talk with those of you who were on the call yesterday. :)

I owe some unit tests for the issue I reported with Cohttp, so I'll be learning how to OUnit and writing some tests for that.

I had great intentions of looking into some client-side fuzzing with the Cohttp libraries yesterday, but got distracted looking into something I noticed from my server-side testing - it seems like self-initiated TCP connection closures in Mirage don't work as expected some very high percentage (so far, 100) of the time, at least when built for Xen. (To phrase this differently, no running unikernel I've seen has ever sent a FIN packet, even when `close` is invoked; they do respond correctly to well-formed FIN packets.) I started looking into why this would be and quickly got sucked into reading code in mirage-tcpip/tcp. I'd like to finish investigating what's going on there (i.e. make sure I'm not making some silly mistake) and submit an issue, with hopes that I can submit a PR for a fix soon after.

I promised to have a look at irmin as well; I'll likely do that in the late afternoon.


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