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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Cannot deploy a Unikernel to a XenServer pool running XS 6.2

Hi all,

On 22 October 2014 08:15, Jon Ludlam <jjl25@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> From the description of the symptom (works single host but not in a pool) my guess would be that xe-unikernel-upload is failing to respond to an HTTP redirect from xapi.
> Perhaps rather than looking at the logs, it would be better to run something like
>Â Âstrace -s 1000 xe-unikernel-upload â
> â this should capture the network traffic. Or use plain http and capture with tcpdump/wireshark.

I've been inspecting the http communication, which seemed just fine in both cases, beside an apparently additional write() that happens on the client side on the failing scenario.
After further investigation, I found out something that could very much be the cause of this issue.

As I mentioned before, all the multihost pools don't have the lates hotfixes installed, and the most up-to-date one is running XS6.2SP1.

While comparing the logs with the host that is successfully creating the VM, I found a call to /opt/xensource/libexec/vhd-tool that is not present in the failing pool. After investigation, it turns out that the
vhd-tool RPM is NOT installed on any of the failing pools. I guess this package was introduced in a hotfix > SP1 - even though I could not find any confirmation of this while reading Hotfixes descriptions - and I tend to believe that this is basically the cause of the problem.
If I get more time during the week I'll check the Xapi code to look for confirmation of this theory.
Also, I'll try again as soon as we'll be able to update all the multi-host pools to the latest HotFixes (should happen soon-ish).

In the meantime I found a dirty workaround: I've deployed my Unikernel in the single-host pool with proper IP setup, did a snapshot, exported the snapshot and then imported the VM into the multi-host pool. Of course this is far away from the workflow I want to implement in the long run, but at least I was able to test the unikernel in a production environment!Â
> Cheers,
> Dave
The error mentioned SSL write error - is there an option to have SSL
turned off for ease of debugging?

After looking at the code and at the README.md file in the xe-unikernel-upload repository I found out that you can override the server setting from your ~/.xe file with the --uri parameter, specifying an HTTP uri.

Thanks everyone for your support.
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