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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Question about pioneer projects

Hi Amir!

Thanks for your quick reply.

I think it would be useful for us to provide (on the page itself [1]) some idea of what each difficulty level entails. I'll bring that up in the next Mirage call [2] -- which anyone is welcome to join, by the way.

That would be great.

In the meantime, if there are specific projects you're interested in perhaps we can discuss them here?

Well, all the Irmin related projects sounds really cool. Especially those on semantics (I've started reading JFLA's paper) and GC, though they are 4-starred projects. One can start doing something less difficult I guess, like the local sync project, and then move on.

Otherwise, the DHCP server project (even if I don't know DHCP protocol details).

Anyway, I am keen on taking these opportunities to learn stuff. I don't know if this is OK for you and your expectations.

Best regards,

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