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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Question about pioneer projects

On 24 Feb 2015, at 12:56, yiorgos <antibra@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> +1!
> I know about three ways set up a developing MirageOS environment.
> 1) VirtualBox + Xen + MirageOS VMs
> 2) Xen on bare metal
> 3) CubieBoard + Xen + MirageOS
> Ways 1, 2 look more easily accessible to people.
> About 1) Do you guys think that
> developing can be done using this way or there will be a quite great
> amount of setting up/debugging VirtualBox (eg network interfaces etc)
> About 2) Do you have a preferable host OS for dom0?

The secret to MirageOS hacking is that most of the time, you
don't really need a Xen environment at all.  The vast bulk of protocol
development can be done in Unix with user-level networking, and then
a final switch to a Cubieboard2 or x86 Xen host is an easy way to
check that the Xen mode works.

So things like the DHCP server can all just be done without any
particular need for a Xen installation.


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