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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Unikernel/Xen server hosting

On 17 April 2015 at 21:49, Nick Hardiman <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What is the advantage of Scaleways, apart from the processor? What kind of
> centralized hosting do you want?

For Arm builds and so on they have proved rather more reliable than my
in-house hosting, with good performance (quad core, SSD).

> Iâm guessing two types -
> 1. image hosting
> * jitsu (no pressure, Magnus)
> * xen
> 2. dev hosting
> * ARMv7
> * pre-built images
> Is that a decent infrastructure vision of the future?
> What about -
> * memory?
> * SSD space?
> What kind of public machine rental would be ideal?

It is hard to tell what mix of workloads will be needed, as it depends
a lot on the size of services, ie large data server, stateless
processor, nanoservice (eg single page hosting), plus the type of use
case (ie network to cpu ratio). But probably not vast amounts of RAM,
as the services are not memory hungry, and are more likely to max out
CPU and network. You dont want to be running vastly more unikernels
than hardware threads at any time, but if they are jitsu style then
thats rather different as they dont last long.

You need ipv6 - a /64 for each host means you can address your
unikernels. (if services are http only you can use name based
resolution on dom0 but ipv6 is much nicer). I use Cloudflare to give
services public ipv4 addresses as they will proxy ipv6 only services.


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