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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Unikernels on docker, I missed something

Thanks Martin for your answer. It helps me to distinguish between the
build part and the running part.
I understand I think the advantage to build a unikernel within a
container with a prepared OPAM environment. But I need to read more
documentation for the running part ;-). If I understand correctly you
are using a thin layer (Solo5) to be able to run a MirageOS unikernel
on KVM right? And maybe in fact it is more like KVM + UKVM + Solo5 +
MirageOS unikernel. In my mind, a unikernel is running directly on an
hypervisor so I don't see why you can not run it directly on KVM
hypervisor like it is done when running directly on Xen. It is really
interesting and my knowledge is not yet sufficient to understand all
the reason to use Solo5 but it sounds cool and I start to have a
closer look to Solo5.

Thanks again for your help,

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