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Re: [win-pv-devel] How to diagnose windows domU hang on boot?



  Did you attempt to upgrade from GPLPV to the 8.1 drivers? That’s not a good idea since you could end up with multiple drivers attempting to talk to your VM’s storage (with the possibility of corrupting it). You need to make sure GPLPV drivers are completely removed and all networking and storage is emulated before attempting to install 8.1.

  The best way to diagnose problems in the VM is to watch the qemu log in dom0. Assuming you are either using trad, or have enabled trace_log events in upstream qemu then you should see messages from the guest PV drivers appearing in /var/log/xen/qemu-dm-<vm name>.log. These messages should be enough to tell you whether the PV drivers have got stuck waiting for something.




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Hi all,

I have a windows 7 domU get stuck in the boot screen forever after a recent driver update.

I'm a user of community version of XEN.
The old driver I have being using for a long time is the GPL PV driver from James Harper.
This driver update is part of the migration from XEN 4.3.2 to XEN 4.8.0.

I'm not sure if this driver update would do me any good, but it does get into trouble in a different setup as mentioned here:

So basically I'm reporting two different boot hang issues here:

1. The upgraded driver version (V8.1) causes issue in the original domU config.

2. The old GPL PV driver version causes issue in an experimental storage driver domain + stubdom config.

In both cases the syndrome look exactly the same -- win 7 domU boots into the windows logo on black screen and never make progress further.

But it does not BSOD either.
Could anybody suggest a way to diagnose further to help me understand what's going on in behind?





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