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Re: [Xen-devel] Building Xen/ia64

> Also, I'm wondering, the file sp_env_v2.2.i686.tar.gz on your ftp looks
> like a nice build environment for ia64; how do I use it? And what is the
> file "bootloader" for?

It's a prebuilt set of IA64 cross-build utils for RH9 on i386 - may work on 
other distros (known to work on FC2) but YMMV.

To install, just untar it in /.  To build using it, there are some lines you 
need to uncomment in xen/arch/ia64/Rules.mk in order to change the locations 
of CC, LD and OBJCOPY to point to the cross compilers.  After that, building 
Xen/IA-64 on x86 should Just Work.

Nobody's quite got XenLinux/IA64 building on x86 yet, AFAIK but it should also 


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