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Re: [Xen-devel] Powernow-k8 support

> I mean, before you fiddled with powernow at all, you claim that the
> nvidia driver worked just fine for you. And presumably you were running
> at that time without the patch. I'm surprised it worked for you at that
> point.

One big problem I had was that a friend of mine configured my system for
the first use with xen. He is able to hack thousands commands and you
can not follow all of them :-)

Maybe he had patched the nvidia driver once before, but I could not find
any saved patches. Only those for the hypervisor.

I had much work to clean up the machine in /usr/src and /usr/local/src.

Okay, at the end, I needed some patches from you and the CPUfreq stuff
now is working. I thank you very much for your help and your hints.

If you find some time to look for the time.c file, I also would be happy.

Will all these patches (concerning powernow-k8) merge into stable


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