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Re: Xen bootloader (was: Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Roadmap proposal)

> It means every OS with a file system that's not a Linux one will
> typically have to write it two times more: for grub, and for Linux
> (along with making Linux actually work well enough). And of course this
> doubles the support/maintenance matrix as well.

Which OSes are you thinking of here?  Linux currently supports (assuming it 
works well enough for read access) the boot filesystems of everything that 
runs on Xen, plus more.

It's a fair point that it increases effort for OS maintainers if they have a 
grub driver for a filesystem that Linux doesn't already support - I'm not 
clear what this could be though.  Are you thinking about ZFS, perhaps?

> As an interim solution it might be OK, sure.

I suspect given the choice between kboot_sl and grub some users might prefer 
kboot - it is more featureful (apart from the graphical loading, I suspect it 
might actually be a superset in terms of features now).

We can always make which bootloader is used be configurable (even per domain - 
perhaps we could have an unprivileged interface), anyhow.


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