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Re: [Xen-devel] xen unstable crashes

Keir Fraser wrote:
> A null pointer dereference in evtchn_set_pending can't be that hard to
> track down, if it's crashing every time in this way with suse 10.1.

It's vcpu being NULL, %esi register here:

ff1055f0 <evtchn_set_pending>:
ff1055f0:       83 ec 1c                sub    $0x1c,%esp
ff1055f3:       89 74 24 14             mov    %esi,0x14(%esp)
ff1055f7:       8b 74 24 20             mov    0x20(%esp),%esi
ff1055fb:       89 5c 24 10             mov    %ebx,0x10(%esp)
ff1055ff:       8b 4c 24 24             mov    0x24(%esp),%ecx
ff105603:       89 7c 24 18             mov    %edi,0x18(%esp)
ff105607:       8b 5e 0c                mov    0xc(%esi),%ebx  <==
ff10560a:       8b 53 04                mov    0x4(%ebx),%edx

The stack trace looks suspious to me though, none of the functions in
the trace calls evtchn_set_pending() ...



Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@xxxxxxx>

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