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[Xen-devel] Re: [5/11] [NET] back: Replace netif->active with netif_carrier_ok

On 7 Jul 2006, at 15:19, Herbert Xu wrote:

[NET] back: Replace netif->active with netif_carrier_ok

The connection status to the frontend can be represented using
netif_carrier_ok instead of netif->active.  As a result, we delay
the construction of the dev qdisc until the carrier comes on.  This
is a prerequisite for adding a tx queue.

Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <herbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

netif->active is also conditional on whether or not the interface is open ('running'). So it's not as good a fit for netif_carrier as the status field you similarly replaced in netfront.

Perhaps you could replace the netback status field (CONNECTED/DISCONNECTED) instead? I think the extra value DISCONNECTING is not really necessary any more, so it should map onto the boolean netif_carrier okay.

Then ->active could also potentially be removed. It would correspond to netif_running&&netif_carrier_ok.

 -- Keir

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