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Re: [Xen-devel] GNU Mach Xen port

> > > I'm glad to announce that I have mostly finished a port of GNU Mach to
> > > Xen, so that GNU/Hurd/Mach/Xen now works :)
> >
> > Nice work Samuel!  How long did it take to do the port?  Sounds like you
> > made progress rather quickly.
> Well, it's hard to say, since I did it on my free time, and had long
> periods of inactivity.  I actually can't even remember when I started
> :o)
> As a (very) rough estimation, I'd say something the total should be
> between 2 and 4 weeks of full-time work.  I have to say that a big part
> of the time was spent on trying to understand the Xen documentation
> which is relatively poor.  I noted down the points that should be better
> explained, I'll submit that somewhen.

That's impressive progress!

Any help with the documentation would be, as always, greatly appreciated.

I've just got your Mach port booting on my Xen test machine - cool!  Now just 
need to set up a hurd image for it to boot ;-)


> > Do you have Hurd booting on Xen?  Do disk / network work yet?
> I'm running apt-get source glibc ; cd glibc-2.5 ; dpkg-buildpackage
> right now :)
> > Did you have to make any modifications to the userspace servers of the
> > HURD, or did modifying Mach prove sufficient?
> No modification of userspace servers at all. Only patching Mach memory
> handling, writing console/xenstore/disk/net Mach drivers, and it worked.
> > I've always had an affection for the HURD, so I'd really love to see more
> > details!  Will there be a download available from somewhere?
> cvs -d :ext:sthibaul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/hurd co -r
> gnumach-1-branch-Xen-branch gnumach
> > Did you go the route of introducing a multiboot-type format for the
> > domain builder?
> Not yet, but that will most probably be the next short-term goal.
> Samuel

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