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Re: [Xen-devel] Test results on Unisys ES7000 64x 256gb using unstablec/s 16693 on 3.2.0 Release Candidate

Bill Burns wrote:
> Bill Burns wrote:
>> Ian Pratt wrote:
>>>>>> No, I have not tried on 3.2.0. Will see if I can at some
>>>>>> point...
>>>>> Also, do you have any more info to share on what actually goes wrong
>>>> when
>>>>> dom0 has 'too much' memory?
>>>> The dom0 kernel spits out messages like the following starting around
>>>> the
>>>> init of cpu1 time, and periodically thereafter.
>>>> Timer ISR/0: Time went backwards: delta=-50206266948
>>> delta_cpu=13733052
>>>> shadow=8186343367 off=13649733458 processed=72042343367
>>>> cpu_processed=21822343367
>>>> Eventually just hanging (or making such slow progress to be
>>>> effectively hung).
>>> How many CPUs does the system have? Does the same large memory issue
>>> occur if you have fewer physical CPUs?
>> The system has 64 but is only built for 32, so the others are
>> ignored. Don't know if the problem happens with less CPUs at
>> this point. Hope to get more data soon...
> Interestingly, the symptom seems to disappear with a
> Hypervisor built to support all 64 CPUs. But I need to
> get more time on the system to say that for sure.
Disregard the previous. It still happens. Continuing to debug..


>  Bill
>> Thanks,
>>  Bill
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ian
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