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RE: [Xen-devel] iommu: mapping reserved region failed - Q35 -VT-DIssue

Stefan Bauer wrote:
> Han, Weidong schrieb:
>> You'd better make serial console work. Following is my grub
>> including serial console config. 
> Weidong,
> i get my hands on a usb-serial adapter, please see the output right
> here: 
> www.plzk.de/xendebug-serial.txt

Why it's so short? Can post complete output?

And also that is a panic. Why it's not consistent with the sighting described 
in your previous mails?

I suspect your environment is not incorrect in somewhere. Pls list the 
following info: platform, BIOS, dom0 changeset, Xen changeset, did you add-on 
extra graphics card? did you follow steps listed in docs/misc/vtd.txt?

Actually, latest Xen VT-d is quite stable in our recent testing.


> Hope that helps.
> Regards

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