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[Xen-devel] (no subject)

This is an RFC of Linux guest-side implementation of the FIFO-based
event channel ABI described in this design document:


Refer also to the Xen series.

Remaining work:

* Add an function to set a event channel's priority and use this to
  set the VIRQ timer to the highest priority.

Patch 1 is a obvious refactoring of common code.

Patch 2-6 prepare for supporting multiple ABIs.

Patch 7 adds the low-level evtchn_ops hooks.

Patch 8-9 add an additional hook for ABI-specific per-port setup
(used for expanding the event array as more event are bound).

Patch 10 allows many more event channels to be supported by altering
how the event channel to irq map is allocated.  Note that other
factors limit the number of supported IRQs (IRQs is 8192 + 64 *

Patch 11 is some trival refactoring.

Patch 12-13 add the ABI and the implementation.


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