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Re: [Xen-devel] Update seabios and upstream qemu versions used on xen-unstable

Il 16/04/2014 14:14, Ian Campbell ha scritto:
On Wed, 2014-04-16 at 13:22 +0200, Fabio Fantoni wrote:

Thanks for your reply.
Trying to test myself if what I want try when I'll have some time.
For controller domU o phisical pc with debian 7 and dnsmasq and tftp
from official package can be working and good?
You might need to teach Osstest/DhcpWatch/leases.pm about the dnsmasq
leases file format if it differs from ISC DHCP, or just use the latter.

About server for dom0 testing I can't at home beacause I have the
computer in the room where I sleep, I can on office but probably there
is a problem of other dhcp and dns server of samba 4 pdc on the only and
same network.
For osstest should be not have other dns and dhcp server (or probably
only dhcp) on the same network, right?
osstest is quite happy to use existing DNS and DHCP, it doesn't require
its own.

All that is needed is some way for it to see the DHCP leases, for
example our local DHCP servers will cat their complete leases file over
a known port which osstest then uses.


Thanks for reply.
This is probably a stupid question/idea: osstest require dhcp and dns only for pxe boot on dom0 test systems or also for other things? If is only for dom0 server, where in my case is only one and always the same, add dhcp ip reservation to dom0 mac and manual add dns record of dom0 will make me able to fast use osstest without adding other dhcp/dns or waste time to configure them for osstest?
Sorry if this is a stupid question/idea.

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