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Re: [Xen-devel] Grant access to more than one dom

Thanks Daniel,

>> Do  you  mind  if  I wade in here? Once I have my mods, would you mind
>> checking them, signing them off and pushing then up stream?

> Go ahead - the only reason that I did not implement gntalloc with this
> ability is because I did not have a use case for it (and only sharing the
> pages once was a bit simpler).  I think this would be a useful extension.

> I'll look at the modifications, but I'm not the maintainer for this file,
> so you'll need to send your changes to LKML and the Xen kernel maintainers
> to get it upstream.

I'll  carry on then. When I have it working and tested I'll send it to
you  so  you  can  have  a look. Once everyone is happy I'll see about
pushing it to a kernel maintainer.

Best regards,
 Simon                            mailto:furryfuttock@xxxxxxxxx

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