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Re: [XEN PATCH v1] xen/arm : Add support for SMMUv3 driver


On 30/10/2020 08:46, Rahul Singh wrote:
Ok Yes when I ported the driver I port the command queue operation from the 
previous commit where atomic operations is not used and rest all the code is 
from the latest code. I will again make sure that any bug that is fixed in 
Linux should be fixed in XEN also.

I would like to seek some clarifications on the code because there seem to be conflicting information provided in this thread.

The patch (the baseline commit is provided) and the discussion with Bertrand suggests that you took a snapshot of the code last year and adapted for Xen.

However, here you suggest that you took an hybrid approach where part of the code is based from last year and other part is based from the latest code (I assume v5.9).

So can you please clarify?


Julien Grall



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