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RE: [Xen-users] xen bridged network config woes [repost w/apology]

11:06pm Ali Roze said:
> This raises three questions:
> 1. Do I care about that warning on the top, "vif2.0: no IPv4 address
> assigned"?
> 2. What does "802.1d unknown version" mean?
> 3. What does the "SNAP unnumbered" message mean?

This is getting a bit off-topic from Xen. The last two are 
well-established within the LAN (layer two) networking community. Do some 
sleuthing and enjoy the experience of learning.

The first question, however, is related to Linux networking in general and 
Xen bridges specifically.

But the answer is quite plain and apparent. It's telling you that there is 
no IPv4 (layer three) address assigned to the interface (vif2.0) that you 
chose to monitor. That is all. And that is the nature of a bridge. It does 
not care about IP addresses.


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