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Re: [Xen-users] Is Xen and Qemu serial driver code related ?

It looks like protocol related problem. I have some additional info if someone is interested.

I hooked up two boxes with serial cable. First one is WinXP on real hardware, second one virtualized WinXP on FC6. I started Hyper Terminal on both sides. Console communication is OK. Then I tried file transfer.

1. Real to virtual file transfer is good, other way not possible - using Zmodem protocol
2. Both ways file transfer is good - using Kermit protocol
If I try same thing on non virtual boxes, I don't have this problem no matter what protocol I use.

The problem is that I can't change protocol when using proprietary application (for Win only) and this special device on COM port.
On the other way, emulated serial port is not acting the same as real one. Is this question for xen developers? Can I try anything else?

Thank you.


Ulrich Windl pravi:
Have you tried good old kermit (to transfer files via the serial port)? Generally I'd say that your communication protocol isn't fault-tolerant, unless you have a complete lock up of the serial driver. Without knowing the details, there's little one can say.


On 8 Feb 2007 at 13:54, Ales Rom wrote:


A noticed a very strange thing. A few weeks ago I installed WindowsXP under qemu. I have serial device attached to COM1 port and comunication works. Basicaly I have to download a few hundred bytes from that serial device to computer. Every time comunication stops at 83% (5/6).

The weird thing is, that when I use Xen, I can see exactly same thing. Stops at 83%. Is this related or just coincidence? Is it my hardware? Windows on "real" hardware doesn't have this problem.


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