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[Xen-users] Re: Problem with automatic VM (domU) creation

On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 12:25:55AM +0800, Tim Post wrote:
> In fact, I helped write grawk, our utility that combines some of the
> most frequently grep + awk pipes together into something quite a bit
> smaller : http://dev1.netkinetics.net/grawk/ for log sawing and easy
> string extraction from delimited files / output scraping. Feel free to
> use it instead of sed for such a simple task. Patches for additional
> regex are of course welcome, provided they do not significantly increase
> the size of the executable and malloc() wisely. 
> That being said, I do in fact realize that I am *over paranoid* about
> it :) I freely admit that I suffer from many odd 'ticks' that cause me
> to obsess about every single byte of RAM in every single system I
> maintain. Its a wonder I get anything done.

 After becoming almost irrelevant, RAM is again becoming a very critical 
commodity. In the case of single machines, saving a couple of bytes ram was 
pretty much absurd, especially with enough swap, the affect would only be 
temporary, and there wasn't any real price difference between a 52MB system and 
a 512MB system. But with virtualization, 32MB means you can have 10 times the 
number of virtual machines, and the price actually goes down 1/10th.

 ONce virtualization picks up, memory optimized systems are going to make a 
come back. And it seems to be an entirely new market, since all mainstream 
applications seems to have given up on memory optimization. For instance, the 
three of the most popular applicatins: bind, spamassassin, apache are all 
memory hogs, using memory unncessarily. I mean, why the heck do you need 200MB 
for running a web server? That's quite insane.


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