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** OFF TOPIC *** Re: [Xen-users] Ubuntu DomU: Cannot apt-get many packages

Hi Luke,

On Thursday 25 October 2007 11:30:34 Luke wrote:
> This is fairly off topic for this list now, but the file you care about
> is /etc/apt/sources.list, not particularly the things in the
> sources.list.d directory as much (in my experience)

Agreed about the off-topicness, but thank your for replying regardless :-)

Yes, i copied over the '/etc/apt/sources.list' file as well, and when I 
ran 'apt-get update', I saw it grab all the headers from the different 
sources, but running something like "apt-cache search htop" or "apt-cache 
search openvpn" yields no results :-(

> This is almost always a problem for me when I install with debootstrap,
> as the /etc/apt/sources.list that you get isn't nearly as complete/long
> as you get with a normal install.

No, it only has one entry: for the main repository.

-Alan Murrell

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