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Re: [Xen-users] HyperVM

admin@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe we are interested in a Centos porting.
> And, a precisation: for many ISP -like me- it's very useful having a
> single distro.
> So that, as i MUST use Centos for cPanel, i MUST use openfiler -RedHat-
> for storage, i prefer using Centos or RedHat for DomU. This is the
> reason why i won't use DTC on debian.

It's still ok to use DTC-Xen on a Debian dom0, and setup some CentOS
domU. Anyway, I'm trying to write a port. Currently, I have the package
totally rewrote, with lot's of clean-ups to make it more easy to port. I
have just tested, and it's working. I only broke few things that were
easy to fix.

Now, can someone help me with writing the specfile? The way to do this
is simply to get the git version:

git clone http://git.gplhost.com/dtc-xen.git

In there, you'll find a non-working dtc-xen.spec. I need it to be a
working one, using "make install" to build the RPM. Then the next job
will be to move debian/dtc-xen.postinst into something more portable. I
will make it in a separate script in /usr/bin, so that Debian AND RedHat
like systems will be able to call it. But we need a working specfile
first, and I don't feel comfortable writing it. HELP! :)


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