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Re: [Xen-users] xen storage options - plase advise

> Are your file backed domUs are on a SAN/NAS? If not, where do the disks
> that make up your cluster reside? You can cluster LVM, though you loose
> snapshotting, and NFS is also worth considering depending on how the 
> shares are exported e.g. via a NAS where hardware can be more easily
> hot-swapped. Migration to NFS would be easy as well since you could just
> mount your files, copy the contents to an NFS share, and restart your domU.
> Jamon

Yes, file based domU's are currently on ocfs2 on a SAN. 

I don't do any snapshotting right now, but that's not to say I won't
want to some day. My goal is to get to a point where things are stable
and I can run something to manager everything, ie Orchestrate,
Convirture, something to manage restarting/migrating domU's when one of
the servers has problems. Or I just need to have a server down for

So in general terms, how would I setup LVM (clvm)? Let's say I have two
servers (in this case running sles11). Each server has the SAME
vdisk(LUN) from our Xiotech SAN assigned to it for storage. Let's say
it's a 400gb vdisk. If I add additional servers, they too would be
assigned the same vdisk. Similarly, I could add additional vdisks when
more storage is required. 

Anyway, on the first server I setup LVM. Somehow the second server would
also see that as lvm and be able to mount it?

I will search for some documentation on setting up clvm, but my
questions are:

1) Is this where I would/could use clvm? 
2) On each server would they see the logical volume at a mount point?
3) Would I need to use xen's built in locking mechanisms or is there
some builtin locking like ocfs2 has?

The only way I'm familiar with nfs is by running nfs on a server and
then other servers mounting nfs from that server. Are you saying that
the SAN could somehow directly provide nfs? 

Sorry if some of my questions don't make sense.


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