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[Xen-users] Re: Problem with grub2 and xen (Ubuntu 10.04)

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  • Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 00:42:31 +0200
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17.06.2010 21:03, Thomas Richard wrote:
I was finally able to fix my problem. For some strange reason when doing
a multiboot i had to specify (hd1,2) instead of (hd2,2). Maybe i need to
file a bugreport against grub for this. I can't find any logical
explanation for this.


I also think its a grub2 problem maybe in combination with some "exotic" hardware configurations (let me guess, you are using fakeraid on hd0 and hd1 with hd2 being a plain disk?)

I'm encountering exactly the same issue, except that I *cannot* solve it by using (hd1,1) instead of the "real" (hd2,1).

I know that there is no mistake in my grub config, I'm using the same kernel with the same grub config to boot on bare metal, but as soon as I add multiboot and xen there are stange errors:

- when loading xen.gz like "(hd2,1)/boot/xen.gz" it does not work (error message same as Thomas: "need to load multiboot kernel first") - when entering the grub shell and trying to autocomplete (using tab) to /boot/xen.gz the system reboots itself while doing so - when loading xen.gz like "/xen.gz" (with a copy of xen.gz outside the boot dir) it loads xen, but then complains about no dom0 kernel being specified (this also persist when trying to take a copy of the vmlinuz outside of /boot to /)

This is my first Ubuntu *and* grub2 system, usually I'm running Gentoo and grub... thought things (especially updates) may get less time consuming using Ubuntu... lesson learned and back to Gentoo!

Best regards,

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