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RE: [Xen-users] usb_add to windows guest

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>   Hey James,
> first of all, thanks for the really fast reply!
> Regarding what you said, it was really too much for me hehe. I mean, I
> admin a Xen server and regularly add/delete Linux guests, but it's my
> first time with a Windows guest (and with USB) and, to be honest, I
> didn't even know what qemu was until I wiki'ed it right now lol.
> That being said, could you please explain what you mean by "pass
> the block device"? You mean smth like /dev/sdg? That obviously can't
> in the "usb_add" command, so where shall I use that? Sorry for the
> ignorance...

Yes the block device like /dev/sdg. xm "block-attach" is what you want
to add the device dynamically, although without PV drivers installed in
DomU I don't think you can hot-add devices.


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