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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.0.1 and megaraid_sas causes I/O to hang (xen-4 + megasas(DELL 6i RAID) = Reject I/O to offline device)

Hi Mark,

Am 14.11.2010 18:06, schrieb Mark Adams:

> Hi Stephen, are you doing any pci passthrough? I have the same issue, but 
> with an Areca card, which seems to be caused by a possible irq conflict. I've 
> not got to the bottom of it yet so not using the passthrough at the moment. 
> The array doesn't go offline when passthrough is not in use.

Yes and no. ;-)

I was using PCI pass-through for an ISDN card but I stopped using it due
to the system hangs (removed the 'pci' line from the domU config). At
the moment no PCI pass-through is active and the RAID still goes offline
from time to time.


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