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Re: [Xen-users] Backup running Windows machines - redundancy

Ok, cool. What about reinstalling the system, to rebuild the boot sector ( or better, restore with dd from an earlier backup - let's assume a week old), and then use rdiff to bring the system up to date, from a more recent backup ? To be tested.

Again, the purpose of this thread is to find an incremental backup solution. DD and other methods work fine, but you cannot do daily backups on 8 machines with 100GB storage, and keep those backups for a week or more. Also, if one would like to restore a single file from the image, things will get ugly.

On 02/11/2011 10:00 AM, Bart Coninckx wrote:
No way. Rdiff will not take care of things like what you need to boot
Windows. You need dd or another imaging tool there. If you use Xen
devices on image files you can obviously easily copy them. If you use
block devices or LVM, you're back to dd or something else.

On 02/11/11 00:01, Paul Piscuc wrote:

I'll be testing the method also, for different Windows versions, with
and without memory state backed up. One more question thought ... what
are the performance and latency aspects of doing a xm save on a Windows
machine? Does is save only the memory state, or other information
regarding the state of the machine?

And one more thing we can test. What about restoring a rdiff backup(+MBR
backup) to a fresh lvm disk ... maybe it will boot in blue screen, but
it might work.

On 02/11/2011 12:36 AM, James Harper wrote:
Hi Mike,

agreed. For situations however where data files that are typically
opened with user applications like Word, Excel and other, I think it
might be safe to just snapshot the underlying LVM while the Windows DomU
is running and the users are not accessing the files (typically at
night), mount this and copy from it. I'm actually testing this now. If
there's interest I will post my findings.

The Citrix Windows PV drivers include a VSS provider that (I think)
allows you to ensure that your snapshot is consistent at both a
filesystem and application level. I've thought about this for GPLPV
but have never actually done anything about it.


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