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Re: [Xen-users] xen compilation is giving errors

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 10:03 PM, Tapas Mishra <mightydreams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Not all of them need to be set manually, the above was just a snippet
>> of my .config which contains "XEN".
>> When customizing the kernel config I use "make menuconfig", and search
>> where a particular config option would be (using "/").
> I searched /XEN in menuconfig but I did not got any option as the
> search in menuconfig for XEN shows
> Location->Device Drivers Xen Backend
> but in ncurses screen I do not see any option when I check
> device drivers --> (here I scroll a lot of options but no where Xen is 
> visible)

Like I said, not all of them need to be set manually. Some of them
might need other options set before they appear. For example,
CONFIG_XEN_NETDEV_BACKEND will not be availabe if you haven't select

CONFIG_XEN_BACKEND is selectable on "Device Drivers", near the bottom
(look for"Backend driver support"). But it only shows up after
CONFIG_XEN_DOM0 is selected, which is under "Processor types and
features" -> "Paravirtualized guest support" -> "Enable Xen privileged
domain support" (which only shows up after you select "Xen guest

> It is a 32 bit system without VT.

That might be the source of your problem. CONFIG_XEN_DOM0 depends on
CONFIG_XEN=y, which (from the help)

  â   Depends on: PARAVIRT_GUEST [=y] && (X86_64 [=y] || X86_32 [=n]
&& X86_PAE [=n] && !X86_VISWS [=n]) && X86_CMPXCHG [=y] && X86_TSC
[=y]             â

So from the looks of it you're not allowed to build newer pv_ops dom0
kernel for 32bit.

The good news is that older dom0 kernel should work just fine on newer
Xen 4.x. If you use Centos, simply use their kernel-xen rpm (based on
Xen 3.1.2+), and you should be ready.


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