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Re: [Xen-users] Debian dom0 Centos domU network xenbr0 and VNC problems

On 1-4-2011 14:05, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:

When you do the test:
- use Centos bundled Xen (do NOT compile anything yourself or install
third-party xen packages at this point)
- use a client capable of X forwarding (using most linux distros
should work, but when you use Windows get a client that supports ssh X
forwarding, like putty + Xming)
- install Centos domU with virt-manager. Forget all other tutorials,
just follow the point-and-click interface of virt-manager.

You'd get a working Centos domU, with vfb (graphic) console accessible
either using virt-manager/virt-viewer or normal vnc client. Once you
get THAT working, get the resulting config file (/etc/xen/*) and start
playing from there.

Thank you, I hear what you're saying. I will give CentOS another try using virt-manager. I'm not sure yet how to achieve this on a server without any X-system. I found a bunch of different documentation, howtos and tutorials which I am reading now.

On my PC I have Windows 7 with VMware workstation. I have a VM with Ubuntu Desktop installed which I use for development. Maybe it is easier to start up that VM and use some tool to connect to the VNC server or virt-manager? I don't want to install an X-system on the server.

If everything works out I want to put the servers back in the data center and move some of my personal stuff on it using both Dell PE860 servers in some sort of redundant configuration using Xen.

With kind regards,

Hans Vos

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