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Re: [Xen-users] XCP which management console to use - plus XenServerquestion

According to what I read, XenCenter disables these options because it
sees XCP as version 1.0. A workaround is to set the reported version
of XCP to 5.6. :)

As for the expiration, people say that once it "expires", XenCenter
starts to spew nag popups at a crazy rate, making it near unusable, so
I think it makes sense to do something about that.


On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 5:16 PM, Brett Westover <bwestover@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've also noticed with XenCenter and XCP that the performance tab doesn't 
> function. Also snapshots don't work through XenCenter.
> I found one reference on the license issue from the Xen forums (don't have it 
> handy now), but they stated that it shows unlicensed because of the version 
> incompatibility, but it won't actually expire. If you can put up with message 
> popping up periodically, then itâs mostly a working solution.
> I found that snapshots and performance work through OpenXenManager, but I 
> have to restart the program a lot. It freezes up, or shows errors sometimes. 
> Mostly it just stops 'refreshing' though. The tabs or individual screens will 
> come up, but they show the data from the previous host or VM. A restart of 
> the program starts it working for a little while again.
> Mostly I'm using a combination of XenCenter for Start/Stop, mounting ISOs and 
> VNC and the XE command line for snapshots and storage management.
> Brett Westover
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> On 09/14/2011 01:50 PM, JÃzsef DÃniel wrote:
>> Well I guess that comparison says enough. Given that and the fact that
>> XenServer won't work, I'll stick with XCP. :)
> Good, glad to hear it ;)
>> For the time being, I found a way to disable the expiration nagging in
>> XenCenter, so I'll be using that. (Upload a XenServer eval license to
>> XCP seems to be a tested and working solution.)
> While annoying, this message is benign and you can safely ignore it.
> When XCP 1.1 final comes out, there will be a "xapi version override"
> file that will let you tell XCP to pretend that it's XenServer (it's a
> terrible hack, but it fixes the problem).
>> Running a Xen VM management tool on Windows running in a VirtualBox VM
>> running under OSX. How convoluted is that? VMception. :P
> If you'd prefer something else that (should) run on OSX, try
> OpenXenManager (http://sourceforge.net/projects/openxenmanager/) a free
> clone of XenCenter written in Python. It's not as polished as XenCenter,
> but it does the job.
>> Anyway, there was some talk before that XenCenter sees XCP as an
>> outdated version of XenServer (XenServer 1.0). Seeing how Xen lists
>> XCP as XenCenter compatible, I was wondering if this has already been
>> fixed?
> It was a design decision to give XCP different versions than XenServer.
> There are quite a few places in XenCenter where it checks for hard-coded
> version numbers to see if it's talking to a version of XenServer that
> supports certain features. It's a low priority for the XenCenter team to
> change this, and other than faking that XCP is XenServer, there's not
> much to do on the XCP side.
> Mike
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