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Re: [Xen-users] what's wrong with you people

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 6:59 PM, Likarpenkov Alexander
<al@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The above was made that the issue is not important, and so it is ignored.

No. Re-read the responses. Nobody says it was not important.

I said "your question doesn't make sense."
Grant said "if a question makes no intelligible sense we'll probably skip it."
Simon said "if I don't have an answer then I'll keep quiet. Thus if
no-one has any clue or no-one can understand what's being asked, then
there'll be no answer."

If you want other people to at least TRY to answer your question, then
you should at least make sure that:
a. The question is easy to understand
b. You're asking about something that make sense and common-enough.

If you're making the question hard to understand, or the question is
about a super-complex implementation, or you want to do something that
has never been done, or you want to do something that CAN'T be done,
then chances are not many (if any at all) will respond.

> Each of us here spent many hours figuring with Xen. And to say that we
> should have no need to read - each is to be understood. If someone wants
> money for the answer to the question - and it should say. If I was sure that
> I get exactly the right answer and that's my kind - I would have paid the
> support. But I bet - which for my money I do not get what you need, and
> trying to find answers in this correspondence, I am looking for clever
> ideas, rather than "gannet's  answers - read it yet or you did not ask me
> important questions, although I do not know about what they mean."

Nobody said you need to pay anything to get answers on this list.
Nobody said it was not important.

What I said was "If you want prompt, accurate, replies, buy support
contract. That's what it's there for."

Those with support contract should ask their respective support
channel, as it (usually) will be a better source of information then a
public list. And they're obligated to respond to your question, even
if it's just "this is unsupported and will not work" or "can you
explain more, cause I don't understand what your problem is".

And note that I didn't mention any company. Choose whomever you trust
to give support. Often, local companies or experts with enough
experience is good enough. Even when they have no affiliation with the

If you ask on a public list (ANY list, not just this one), then don't
demand anything. Be prepared for whatever response (or lack of) that
you may get.

> Maybe everyone is using Xen but the dream to become Bill Gates? Thought
> becomes rich fool

Nobody said that.

> So, let's respect for all members of the xen-user and help.
> I have a lot of experience and I am ready to share them, let them try the
> same thing to everyone.


Now here's a question: did you respond to David's original question
thread? If not, why?

> But I also have unresolved issues where I need all your help

All you need to do is ask.

If other people understand it, and know the answer, and have time to
write the answer, usually you can expect good response.

But don't demand anything. That's not what a public list is for.


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