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Re: [Xen-users] What do you do for Xen 4.2?

On Fri, 2012-06-15 at 12:08 +0100, Jonathan Tripathy wrote:

> > > I just assumed that future version didn't, but clearly they do.
> > > 
> > > Is anyone aware of the Ubuntu teams commitment to Xen? I always
> > > thought that the Ubuntu folks were backing KVM...
> > Canonical and Ubuntu are not opposed to Xen; in fact, the Canonical
> > team has been pretty helpful in getting XCP working as a package you
> > can install in Ubuntu, and also fixing Xen-related kernel bugs.  KVM
> > is just their default at the moment, and therefore the focus of
> > their own developers.  So more of the burden of making sure things
> > work falls on the Xen community.  Relationships with distros has
> > been a weak point of xen.org in the past; but we're trying to
> > address that going forward.
> > 
> >  -George
> > 
> Thanks, George.
> So then, going forward, you recommend that we switch to Ubuntu+Xen
> (using Ubuntu Universe repo) if we want to use 4.1.x? As a company, we
> have plenty of experience with Ubuntu, so that's not an issue. I'm
> specially talking about the Xen aspects here. We just want to avoid
> having to compile Dom0 kernels and Xen ourselves. While we're
> comfortable doing this during testing, we'd rather leave our
> production servers up to package management :)

Hi, Jonathan,

Just sharing my exprerience:

I have been using Xen 4.1 over Ubuntu 12.04 since Ubuntu 12.04 Beta for
developing purposes and hosting application server with high network io
and cpu load and can say that all works pretty well, I had some issues,
but mostly of them were resolved. 
What can I say from my point of view:
1. PV DomU works out of the box, I had not any issues with it

2. To start HVM DomU I had to fix some symbolic links. I think that
won't an issue for you, you will find info in xen logs about missing
files when you will try to start HVM DomU. AFAIR couple of files were
renamed in ubuntu packages i. e. xen -> xen-precise and this made an
In HVM DomU running Ubuntu 10.04/12.04 I found significant drops in
perfomance when network interface under high load, so after tests I did
not use HVM at all.
Since 11.10 Ubuntu supports PV+HVM mode in xen, so I switched HVM
machines to PV+HVM and issues with perfomance have gone away.
I don't remember exactly, in HVM or PV+HVM, but I had to create network
interface manually, otherwise it could not work with xen bridge.
Also, I could not resolve an issue with ubuntu DomU screen resolution in
HVM/PV+HVM mode. Maximal resolution I could manage to 1024x768. I posted
bug at the launchpad, but I think it won't be fixed in near future.
And I did not try to run windows in DomU, so don't know how it will

3. I could not enable iommu nor verbose mode for iommu. Don't know is
that a bug in Ubuntu packages or bug in xen, no one could tell me why
verbose mode for iommu did not work. 

Sergey Zhukov 

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