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Re: [Xen-users] HVM help please

On Wed, 2012-06-27 at 15:09 +0100, Shane Johnson wrote:
> I am going to consolidate my answers here to try and make this easier
> to follow.
> from the  HVM help please - wrong GRUB entry? thread  -
> from Ian:
> Can you get a system up and running using stock Debian packages, without
> pci passthrough, just as a proof of concept? That will make it easier to
> switch out the kernel and other changes individually.
> yes I can  - will just take me a little while today.  I will get you
> the results once it's completed.


> Have you run a memory tester? memtest86+ or similar?
> Yes - have actually run it multiple time just cause this seemed so
> much like a hardware problem - Everytime, no errors
> I will run it again tonight overnight to make sure.  If you don't feel
> this is needed please let me know.

If you've already run it then no need to go again.

> From this thread :
> Did you reboot into this hypervisor before installing xen-qemu?
> Yes - I was in my desired hypervisor when I got the error that
> reminded me I needed the xen-qemu-dm package.

And you are sure it was the exact same hypervisor + kernel which you
booted (or tried to boot) both before and after installing xen-qemu-dm?


> As a additional note  -  When I was getting some of the information
> last night, it seems that it only does the kernel panic when the
> xen-pciback.hide is on the command line in grub.cfg.  I will do more
> testing to confirm this and let you know.

There is absolutely no way that only changing the kernel kernel command
line in this way can cause you to go from a booting system to the "not
an ELF binary" message you are seeing -- this is simply way before
anything takes any notice of the kernel's command line. Something else
must be changing at the same time.

The only thing I can think of is that there is some arbitrary limit on
the command line length in the boot loader or something, but from the
picture you sent your command line is not unusually long. You could put
some garbage (e.g. "placeholderplaceholder") instead of pci-back.hide
etc to rule this out.


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