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Re: [Xen-users] First time xen install - Xen DomU runs, but can't find "/dev/root"

On mer, 2013-10-16 at 14:15 +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Wed, 2013-10-16 at 07:22 +1100, G Crowe wrote:
> > I have no idea what should be here. I was under the impression that this 
> > sort of thing should be taken care of by either the virt-install 
> > program, or the Fedora18 DVD image that I was pointing it to.
> Me too, although I know almost nothing about either myself. With that in
> mind you might want to speak to the virt-install and/or Fedora18 people.
> IIRC there is a fedora-virt list where Xen questions are welcomed.

Sorry I'm replying only now (I've been ill for a couple of days).

So, how's this going? Any more luck? Can I point out to some resources
we have that are related right to what you seem to be after?


In particular, the last two links (Test Days and the blog post) are
something I went through myself last week, so I'm quite sure they're
updated and accurate enough.

In your first e-mail you say you did something like the following:

# virt-install --paravirt --name xen1 --ram 256 --vcpus 1 -f 
/dev/fedora_dhcp1/xen1 --network bridge=br0 --location /mnt/install 
--graphics none

after mounting the install ISO in /mnt/install.

I've actually never done such a thing. If you wanted and HVM guest, I'd
say to try providing virt-install with the ISO directly (something like
'--cdrom <xxx>.iso'. It's probably not on the blog post, but I did it
with a Fedora 20 install DVD image and it worked.

For '--paravirt' I usually point '--location' to an URL from where it
can fetch and perform a network install (and that _is_ in the blog
post :-)), and it pretty much always worked. Can you do that?

> I see from your log that your command line is empty, which doesn't seem
> right. I'm afraid I don't know what virt-install rune would fix that, or
> indeed if it should even be necessary. If you can figure out how to
> append "root=/dev/xvda" to the command line you may find that does the
> trick.
There's a '--extra-args' switch which should, if used properly, do
what's needed here, but I'm not use how to set it up properly in this
case (install iso mounted).


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