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Re: [Xen-users] First time xen install - Xen DomU runs, but can't find "/dev/root"

On lun, 2013-10-21 at 16:15 +1100, G Crowe wrote:
> OK, I have managed to get it largely working, thank you for your assistance.
You're welcome... Glad we helped.

> - I managed to install it by setting up a web server on another machine, 
> and mounted the install CD into the web server's /var/www/html/f18 
> directory. Thank you Dario for the references to the test day where all 
> their installs were via the network (although they use PXE, which I have 
> no experience in) - I tried this after noticing that the pros didn't use 
> the local filesystems for installs.
Well, yes, in the blog post I mention setting up a PXE server, but that
is for _installing_ _Dom0_. For guests, you really don't need one, you
can just point your --location to an URL and that's it!

I recommend you trying... It at least look easier than using a local
webserver, etc.

Anyway, again, I'm glad the blog post was useful.

> - I am still having issues with the xl toolchain. 
Sorry, do you mean 'plain xl' here (i.e., using xl directly by issuing
`xl ...' commands) or the libvirt libxl driver?

> Firstly, when used to 
> install, it would bomb out with an error when it went to connect to the 
> new console (immediately connecting to the console manually would work). 
Mmm... I don't think I've ever seen that, can you be a little more
specific? What is it that happens? When?

> Secondly it wouldn't recognise DomUs as being deleted and would not 
> allow me to recreate them "ERROR Guest name 'xen1' is already in use.". 
When doing what? I'm usually able to 'define', 'creade', 'shutdown',
'undefine' and 'create' again.

What is your issue with that?

> Thanks all for your help - you've now got me to a stage where I can 
> 'fiddle' around myself.


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