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Re: [Xen-users] GTX 670 Tips?

On 10/27/2013 04:36 PM, Casey DeLorme wrote:

On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 5:35 AM, Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:gordan@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    On 10/27/2013 07:32 AM, Casey DeLorme wrote:

             I'm pretty sure gfx_passthru=1 doesn't work without additional
             patches to do things like load and execute the VBIOS in domU.

        Yeah I saw the flag mentioned, but wasn't sure if it was in the
        of "windows only" or linux also.  From the sound of things that flag
        works with qemu traditional only, with modded cards and no patches.

    I never tried anything but qemu-traditional, and I don't use
    gfx_passthru=1. I don't see a good reason for adding extra
    complication to a setup that is already very fragile.

I thought primary passthru could not be acheived without it, but maybe I
was wrong?  It uses the nVidia card when the nouveau graphics are
running, but once I install the nvidia drivers it seems to fallback to
the emulated graphics.

So Nvidia binary driver isn't playing nicely, even though nouveau driver is. Are you sure you blacklisted the nouveau driver in domU? It may be worth checking if it is loaded using lsmod.

             Remind me - did you modify your card into a Quadro/Grid?

             I'm sure I remember David mentioning he had Linux domU
        running with
             accelerated drivers.

        The card is modded to Grid K1 (Linux sees it as GK104).

        I tried the `nvidia-kernel-dkms` package, and have also tried
        the latest
        downloaded drivers (3.19.60
           Neither worked, when I installed from the downloaded package
        it said
        it was built for gcc 4.6 and could be incompatible.  It appeared to
        still install, but again no video.

    What distro are you running? Sounds like it might be a little too
    bleeding edge.

I am using debian wheezy, so not exactly bleeding edge.  In fact I'm
wondering if it's the lack of bleeding edge support that might be the
cause of my problems.

I will probably try Ubuntu and maybe Arch a bit later.

Can't really help there, I'm an EL6 user, and I don't run Linux domUs with VGA passthrough.


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