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Re: [Xen-users] PV vs HVM for PCI-Passthrough

Ian thank you for your response. Maybe if I take this a step back I can better explain what
I am trying to achieve.

I need to create DomU Âinstances on a test server (non iommu capable), and eventually
transfer the virutal machines to a shiny new server (iommu capable), and setup passthough.

Should I be creating HVM or PV instances on the test server? Which is the best approach
for easy migration.

If I can jump the gun, judging by what you are saying:

* PV only supports passthrough on non iommu capable machines
* HVM support passthrough on iommu capable machines

My question is then, is it best for me to just create HVM domus on the test server, with the intention
to eventually migrate the virutual machines to an iommu environment. Is this possible?

Thanks in Advance!

Nick from Toronto.

Currently the machine has no iommu capability however, instead of creating PV guests on a
non iommu capable box, we are planning to create hvm domu instances, with the hopes that we
can transfer the virtual machines to the new box (iommu capable) when the time comes.Â

A little modification, the installation of some native drivers....Â
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