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Re: [Xen-users] Video Passthrough


On 23 March 2015 19:56:48 GMT+00:00, CACook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Has anyone been able to actually get video passthrough working in 4.5?
Yes, with caveats. A Quadro 6000 is working fine with Windows 8.1. A Quadro 
2000 or FX3800 is ok with debian Linux. FreeBSD is not happy.

This is secondary passthrough. On the whole secondary passthrough is much more 
convenient, particularly if anything goes wrong (when your VM hangs for half an 
hour because the non working display should have been displaying 'checking 
disk' you'll want a virtual display..)

If your primary reason for virtualisation is GPU passthrough, KVM is definitely 
superior. It's easier to get working and allows for sideloading of GPU BIOSes, 
essential in some cases.

I'm going to stick with Xen for now. I'm hopeful I can convince NVidia to sort 
out the issues I've been having with FreeBSD and passthrough. 

Note that if you are having issues, NVidia's list of supported VM environments 
is Xenserver, RHEL 7 KVM and ESXi. ESXi has the most wide ranging guest 
support, but has its own issues with passthrough - I cannot get the Quadro 2000 
to work properly under it.

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